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Supervision and Consultation

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Board Approved Clinical Counselor Supervision

Supervision Online throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri.
Play Therapy Supervision & Consultation

Who is the Board Approved LGPC Supervisor?

Me! I am. Dr. Dowtin. Welcome! I am jumping at the opportunity to be a part of your journey to becoming a DC, Maryland, Missouri, or Virginia licensed clinical professional counselor.  I am a Black cisgender woman (she/her) who is originally from the DMV, though I have not lived there in almost 6 years. I am a registered play therapist, nationally certified school psychologist, a parent-child interaction therapist, and have specialized training in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs), EMDR, reproductive psychotherapy, and infant/early childhood  mental health or trauma. Lastly, I also have experience in childhood sexual abuse and NICU psychology.

What does your caseload look like?

My clinical caseload consists of a split age group; people who are between the ages of birth to age 10 and adults 24 years and older. I have clients of all genders, abilities, and many races. I am an identity and LGBTQIA affirming therapist and clinical supervisor. I believe that intersectionality is vital in case conceptualizations and having your voice heard. 

Are you involved in any community work?

Yes, I work to give back to the community in many ways. The common thread that links everything that I do is in service of racialized children, such as Black children. 


I am a Co-Chair of the National Network of NICU Psychologists through the National Perinatal Association, which is a volunteer position. I have recent and future publications that highlight the needs of families through a perinatal lens and incorporate racial inequities.  Additionally, I am former Director at Gallaudet University of their hybrid program Deaf and hard of hearing infants, toddlers, and their families graduate certificate program. This position helped me educate early interventionists on the underpinnings of social justice as they routinely enter the lives and homes of our future generations. I am on the Medical Advisory Board for Hope For HIE.

I am also a member to the Perinatal Mental Health workgroup with the National Perinatal Association. We released  a podcast on supporting Black birthing people through the perinatal period during COVID-19.

BOPCT Approved Supervisor in Maryland showing LGPCs how to playfully engaged in emotion regulation between sessions.

Why did you become a supervisor and what is your approach to supervision?

I am going to be honest with you. Supervision in graduate school and in my post doctoral training were some of the worst experiences I have had in my mental health career, and you can see, I have a long history of education and training. Not to mention, I had the worst time finding an affordable LCPC supervisor when I had my provisional license as an LGPC. Because of my experiences, I knew that I wanted to support future LCPCs learn in a nurturing way.  I carry with me a goal of helping my supervisees feel supported, heard, and seen. I want you to feel like you are learning and can make mistakes without catastrophe. We can repair just about any rupture, together.


For me, I found group supervision to be the most helpful in my development when the supervisor understood the intricacies of race and identity in the context of relationship power dynamics. I'm Black American and identify as such, and that's on period. That means something and holds weight. People joke with me and say that I was woke before being woke was on trend. In my training, most of my supervisors were White and afraid to bring that reality into our spaces, with the exception of three. This is striking because  I have had over 20 supervisors; two of them were Black and one was Iranian. Many were uncomfortable bringing their authentic selves to the supervision space, which made it difficult for me to feel vulnerable and safe to share in the supervision process. I want our group to be different - to be better. I can also help you explore whether you want a private practice one day as I discussed in this piece about starting a private practice on

Black woman in a graduation cap and blowing gold glitter with purple background

What's your educational background?

Undergraduate - Philadelphia University, major in Psychology then transferred to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2010) where I graduated with a bachelor's in Psychology and a concentration in Developmental Psychology (2009). 

Graduate - Bowie State University (an HBCU), with a specialist degree in School Psychology (2013). Then I attended Gallaudet University to complete a second MA (2016) in Development and my PhD in Clinical Psychology (2018). I completed practica at Johns Hopkins KKI, the Lourie Center, and Children's National. Internships with Baltimore County Public Schools, Tulane Univeristy, and a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University. 

Certifications - Nationally Certified School Psychologist (2013); Parent-Child Interaction Therapist Certification (2016); Maryland LCPC (LC 8553 2018); Maternal Mental Health (2019); Florida TMHCP (62 2020); Missouri (2021026279 2021); Virginia (2022)

What are your supervision and consultation fees*?

Rates based on Self-Pay

Weekly Individual Clinical Supervision - $100 per hour (caseload under 20 patients without notes or document review)

Weekly Individual Clinical Supervision - $180 per hour (caseload  21-30 patients without notes or document review)

Weekly Individual Clinical Supervision w/ Administrative Supervision - $250 per hour (caseload 4 - 20 patients includes notes and document review)

Weekly Individual Clinical Supervision w/ Administrative Supervision - $300 per hour (caseload 21 - 30 patients includes notes and document review)

Group Supervision -  $80 each person per hour

LGPC Consultation - first time, first 30 minutes free

Individual Professional Consultation - first time, first 30 minutes free. Additional sessions $185 per hour

Rates based on Employer Paying Directly

Administrative Supervision (Video/Document Review outside of clinical supervision time allotment) - $30 per 15-minutes (for a caseload of 30+ weekly patients, this totals to $1200 weekly)

Organizational Consultation - first time, first 15 minutes free. Additional sessions $375 per hour

Company Group Facilitation - $875 per 90-minutes (maximum 10 people virtual only. Send a message or schedule a consult to for in-person group facilitation rates)

Credit Card for Supervision Fees

*Fees listed are for informational purposes only. All fees are subject to change, and may or may not reflect the needs of your situation. Please schedule a consultation or inquire if you have specific questions. 

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