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PlayfulLeigh Psyched

About Us

Trauma Therapy and Parent Coaching for Infants, Toddlers, and Adults

Online throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Florida, and California.

Our Team

About Us

Black adult holding a Black baby's hand to show safety at PlayfulLeigh Psyched for infant parent therapy
Man Carrying Black Child in arms at PlayfulLeigh Psyched


PlayfulLeigh Psyched provides psychotherapy, parent education,  professional development, and infant and early childhood educational consultation, opportunities. We are a small organization led by an experienced mental health and early education professional who believes that cultural humility is needed in all human interactions. Furthermore, we specialize in deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing early intervention, prevention, and perinatal mental health services for those who have experienced early adverse events – trauma. All of our services are steeped in understanding racism and that childhood experiences impact our

development and how we interact with one another as adults. Therefore, at PlayfulLeigh Psyched, we provide nurturing family-     

            centered, trauma- and culturally-informed services

for people across the lifespan.

Black Baby sitting while playing with blocks looking towards the table to show infant child development

Our Mission

PlayfulLeigh Psyched aims to provide high-quality training, education, consultation, and psychotherapy services to clients in the support of the mental health needs of humans of all ages from birth and beyond. We specialize in marginalized populations. Our mission is to build the empathic capacity of individuals and families to inform the community about trauma-informed and social-emotional focused practices from a social justice framework.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate emotionally healthy approaches to thrive in this world.  We see the infant and early childhood experiences as the foundation on which future relationships are entered and established. Therefore, we envision providing services that empower and foster healthy relationships across the lifespan. 

South Asian Father and Children for play therapy at PlayfulLeigh Psyched
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