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PlayfulLeigh Psyched
Online Therapy

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Trauma Therapy and Parent Coaching for Infants, Toddlers, and Adults

Online throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Florida, and California.

Therapy You Can Access

You spent countless hours trying to find a therapist that you believe will be able to help you. After sitting on a waitlist for weeks, you are finally able to schedule your first appointment. You're excited to see them in person, only to sit in traffic, frustrated that you didn't stop for gas light night as your fuel gauge is flashing at you. You arrive, but now you can't even find a parking spot. 

It can be so tempting to just decide not to pursue therapy after all. But, there's a tried and true option of online therapy. Snuggling up with your favorite blanket, a cup of tea and meeting your therapist right from your phone allows you to get started on your healing journey without so many barriers.  

Online Therapy
Living Room Comfort

At PlayfulLeigh Psyched, we provide high quality therapy securely online keeping your information and your healing journey protected from prying eyes and eagers ears. Established as a telehealth clinic in 2018, two years before the pandemic, we are skilled in giving you tailored, specialized care from the comfort of wherever you feel safest. 

Ready to start healing your journey today or want to learn more? Click the button below to schedule your consultation.

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