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Trauma Therapy for All Ages

Online Throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Florida & Missouri, 
Black Trauma & PCIT Therapist





Me: I am Ms. Khamara Harris, a Black cisgender woman who currently practices as student-intern therapist while completing my master's degree mental health counseling. I was born in California and currently live in Maryland. I have immediate openings with rates as low as $40 per follow-up session. 

Young Children & Parents: You knew that parenting was not going to be lying on the beach and experiencing the mist of ocean on your skin, but no one really prepared you for what it would be like to have a child with difficult tantrums, throwing things, hitting people, and that's just the beginning. Now, your child's school or pediatrician is recommended parent-child interaction therapy or PCIT to help your family. I am part of our PCIT Team that is designed to give you access to highly skills PCIT clinicians. I will help your child in ways that you have only dreamed of and most of the time, you will see results in a few weeks.


Adults: You keep learning about generational trauma, and while you understand how it, in theory, impacts people, you are not sure what to do with that information. You struggle to have the relationships that you desire, you feel isolated more than you want, your parenting skills leaving a good deal of room for growth, and you are ready for something different - more fulfilling. I will help you truly start to heal the wounds of generational trauma, unpack the root of your anxiety, and allow you to usher into the you you have been dreaming to be. 

Teens: High school sometimes is really overwhelming. You have a lot of pressure to figure out what you want to do with your future, and regardless of whether you are close with your parents, you have things that you need help with and don't feel comfortable asking them. Wondering if what you are feeling is anxiety, depression, or something else completely. Talking to your parents hasn't helped. Talking with friends helps a little, but it's not enough. I help teens and young adults navigate through the muck that is life and truly allow you to feel heard and supported. I will help you feel empowered to take on the world. 


My intention is to always create a safe and comfortable environment when you are working with me. As a clinician at PlayfulLeigh Psyched, I hold cultural responsiveness at the core of my work. This looks like always being present and genuine, while I get to know your needs in the process. Seeing you for your and understanding how discrimination, systemic oppressions and social justice can have a traumatic impact on generations. Deciding to seek therapy is never easy and I do not take that lightly, I want to help you develop the skills and tools you may need to maneuver through life but also learn about you as well. 



AKA ~ Ms. Khamara

Ms. Khamara Harris, BS


I have a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and a master's degree from University of Maryland University college. I am currently finishing my second master's degree in Clinical Counseling from Capella University and will become a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor in Fall 2024. 

My Approach

Who you are and how you show up in the world is a reflection of what you have experienced and what patterns have been created by how those around you have cared for you. You deserve dedicated support to help you enter into the phase of life where healing is possible. I am steeped in the ongoing pursuit of equity and justice in the context of mental health, healing, and wholeness. Together, we will journey to where you need us to go for you to feel safe and capable - period.

My Specialties

Young children, Adolescents, Parents and Adults who are expressing:

  • Trauma

  • Parenting

  • PCIT needs

  • Major life transitions

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Cultural Identity

  • Racial Identity


I am a native speaker of African American Vernacular English and American English.

I am a student clinician and supervised by Dr. LaTrice L. Dowtin, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor across many states and a Licensed Psychologist is California

My rates range from $40 - $250

Contact our admin team to see for which rates you qualify. 

*Our practice values your health over insurance. Not all insurance companies reimburse your for my services.

Professional Disclosure

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