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PlayfulLeigh Psyched
Family Therapy

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Family Therapy and Parent Coaching for Infants, Toddlers, and Adults

Online throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Florida, and California.

Therapy for Families

Family is complicated. These tend to be people that mean a lot to you due to shared memories and experiences both good and not-so-good. Sometimes, families get too complicated and communication becomes like playing a game of telephone where everyone gets the wrong message, only it's not so fun when it happens in real life. In fact, it can be quite frustrating. Arguments increase, you may start to dread spending time with your family.

Family therapy can be like finally getting crystal clear 5G connection and unlimited frequent flyer miles. If your family is struggling to connect, an unbiased third-party therapist can help you and your family regain understanding and connection within your family.

At PlayfulLeigh Psyched, we engage everyone within the family in the process of growth and renewal. We teach you how to listen to one another to help shift the dynamic from the individual pull (How can I get my needs met in the family?) to group focus (How can we work together?). As family members start to empathize with one another healing begins. 

Ready to start healing in your family or want to learn more? Click the button below to schedule your consultation.

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