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About Therapy

Trauma Therapy and Parent Coaching for Infants, Toddlers, and Adults

Online throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Florida, and California.

About Therapy

Dr. Dowtin

Psychotherapy is more than simply talking to someone about how you feel. If that all there was to it, then talking to a friend or even a random person on the street would be enough. The reason that talking to friends or loved ones doesn't seem to quite fulfull you is because therapy is transformative

You learn about who you are at your core while peeling back layers of your past and present experiences revealing the roapmap to exactly what you need to live the life you want, and how get there. 

Therapy is work. We don't sugarcoat the truth here. If you want something to be different in your life, we will help you get there with the power of your work - the power of you.

Therapy with one of our therapists isn't what you get from your neighborhood community center, hospital or a even typical insurance based practice. Don't get us wrong, there are some really great therapists within some of those institutions, and still, we are different

When you first interact with us, you will meet one of our administrative assistants. She will help you navigate questions, scheduling, paperwork and even billing. No question is too big or too small. She will be so helpful that you may even ask, "Can you be my therapist?" But no, she will not be you therapist, she will, however, make sure that you are matched with the therapist is can most skillfully meet your needs.

What is therapy?

Why PlayfulLeigh Psyched?

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The first session with your therapist is really all about you. Other than going over a few logistical things, such as making sure you know your rights as a patient and that you know how to contact your therapist, the first session your therapist will start to truly get to know you and your history. The therapist will ask you questions or, if you prefer, support you through telling about parts of your background as you would retell a story. After all, your background is the story of your life. Let the therapist help you make sense of all that you have endured, clearing the path for a more holistic journey ahead. 

Your therapist will learn about what goals you have for yourself and why you are seeking therapy. They will listen to you. They will hear you. They will see you. You. Not some textbook character of a person the world thinks that you represent. No. You will be seen. No gimmicks. No fine print. No cookie cutter responses. No dismissing your pain. You will be heard

After listening to you, your therapist will provide you with options about how to proceed in therapy to help you meet your goals. When  you struggle with which direction to take, your therapist will be there to help you revise the plan as you learn to reenter the world on your own. 

What Happens When I Meet My Therapist?


Honestly, as long as it takes - but our goal is for you to get what you need from therapy, to gains the skills, clarity and healing that that is waiting for you, and then for you to go back out into the world without us. While we will be here if and when you need a little maintenance, we do not expect to be in your life weekly forever if that's not what you need. 

How Long Will Therapy Take?

Dr. Dowtin - therapist at PlayfulLeig Psyched
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