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Careers - Now Hiring

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Hiring Missouri (& Maryland) LGPC Healers

We are expanding our playful clinical team of telehealth providers!

PlayfulLeigh Psyched

We are a place for playful socioemotional wellness and development, an expansive telehealth practice founded in 2018. We were founded by Dr. Dowtin who is a Black ciswoman. Our mission at PlayfulLeigh Psyched emphasizes creating healing pathways for marginalized communities such as Black communities. PlayfulLeigh Psyched provides therapeutic services infused with cultural humility, social justice, and trauma focus. We specialize in infants and young children, perinatal mental health folks, and survivors of trauma across the age and gender spectrum in languages of English and ASL. All of our services are steeped in understanding trauma and that childhood experiences impact our development and how we interact with one another as adults. Therefore, we provide nurturing family-centered, trauma- and culturally-informed services for people for all ages, genders, abilities, and backgrounds.  

The Fit

We are scanning the Maryland, DC, Virginia and Missouri areas to welcome therapists from many cultures who foster cultural humility, social justice, and affirming identities who have lived experiences of marginalization. Our vision is to facilitate emotionally healthy approaches that allow people to thrive in this world.  Therefore, we envision therapists providing services that empower and foster healthy relationships across the lifespan. We are seeking therapists who are passionate, playful, creative, committed to the health and wellness of their patients, and who are eager and forever open to ongoing learning. 


What We Provide

Marketing. We pay for a monthly marketing plan (up to $30/month) to support building the caseload of your dreams, and help you write a profile that resonates with your ideal clients.  Case Management. PlayfulLeigh Psyched also pays for an Electronic Medical Records system to make your paperwork and billing workflow manageable. You decided what you notes look like since would be a contractor; however, we have templates and a workflow that you may use at your discretion or to the discretion of your supervisor. Billing & Scheduling. We handle all billing and scheduling for you. Supervision. You can chose to be supervised in-house (space permitted) by our Maryland and Missouri Board Approved Supervisor, or we can give your external supervisor acess to your case notes for appropriate review and signature.  Professional Growth & Consultation. PlayfulLeigh Psyched has an optional weekly meeting for healing providers.  We can discuss cases, provide clinical support, engage in didactic lectures, share with you how to publish meditations and earn additional income, how to get started with PlayfulLeigh Psyched blog posts, and other special topics of interest. There is also potential for clinicians to earn certification towards Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Requirements for Consideration

You should consider applying if you are:​

  • A graduate level counselor in Missouri or Maryland (LGPC). Graduate level clinicians (LGPCs) in Missouri and Maryland may be able to seek in-house clinical supervision with Dr. Dowtin depending on availability.

  • Willing to maintain a minimum caseload of 8 patients. 

  • Willing to accept at least two patients under market value

  • Able to complete a job application that includes (name, address, LGPC number) to ensure that we can process payroll prior to a brief interview. 

  • Have patience while it takes time to build your ideal caseload. (We do not keep an active waitlist.) 

We also need people to provide services within the ethical and legal guidelines of your field.  We ask independent contractors (IC) to complete their documentation in a timely manner. Lastly, we need our ICs to feel comfortable providing virtual services as they will solely be providing HIPAA compliant telehealth services provided by PlayfuLeigh Psyched.  We also expect them to test their internet and have excellent, stable, and secure internet connection with sufficient privacy (such as a noise machine and private space for ethical and legal practice).


How to Apply

Submit your cover letter to Dr. Dowtin discussing why you think you are a good fit for PlayfulLeigh Psyched (generic cover letters will not be considered) along with your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to our Job Application

Black woman with natural hair wearing gold jewlery, purple headband, purple lipstick and nail polish advertising hiring for LGPC therapists at PlayfulLeigh Psyched in Maryland.
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