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Dr. Dowtin Blowing bubles with trees in the background.

Mindfulness Activity for Children & Adults

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Ready to start your mindfulness journey?

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Have you been trying to figure out how to include more calming activities into your daily life, but not sure what to do?

When I started seeing "mindfulness" and "grounding" as buzz words, I wasn't really sure how to use them in my life outside of the classroom with my preschoolers and later with my therapy clients. Because of that, I did not do a good job of helping people learn when and why to use them either! I call that problem, when theory doesn't meet practice. It has been about 14 years since then and now, I use grounding and mindfulness practices several times a day, every single day.

Having to navigate so many of life's obstacles, I couldn't afford to pay for mindfulness retreats and expensive meditation classes just to help me learn how to soothe my racing heart rate and daily stress. If I could have, I would have! Therefore, I had spend months learning how to find activities, modify and create them to be the most helpful for me and my clients. Now, I am able to share them with others. 

If you want to start getting some mindfulness strategies and learn how they can help you in your life, starting with this Body Awareness activity is an incredibly relaxing way to begin. And you know the best thing? It's 100% FREE! 

Let's feel calmer and

more grounded,


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