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PlayfulLeigh Psyched


Trauma counseling

deaf friendly

Black mental health


My therapist - has been a wonderful counselor to work with. She displays a high level of patience, understanding and empathy each session. She is very attentive and asks the right questions to help steer the discussion in the right direction and assigns appropriate post-session "homework". I would recommend her to others.

Client / 7 months 

"My therapist is a great listener and has provided me with strategies to help me deal with my anxiety and trauma. I’ve had therapy before and never felt like I made any progress but with her, I feel like I’ve gained so much in the last 2 months. Her expertise in dealing with trauma has been the most significant part of my journey with her. I’m slowly creating a new narrative for myself and my life. She’s amazing!"

Client / 11 months

"... I didn't originally get matched with Dr. Dowtin but I'm very grateful to have been fortunate enough to be matched with her on my second go around. She is absolutely amazing! She has helped me with things I have been struggling with for years through traditional therapy and for the first time, I truly feel I am making progress! I can't wait to see what wonderful changes are in store for me as I continue to work with her."

 Client / 2 months (February 2020)

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