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Meet Our Administrative Assistant

Online throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Florida, and California.
Chua - Administrative Assistant at PlayfulLeigh Psyched

Welcome to PlayfulLeigh Psyched, an Online Mental Health Clinic dedicated to helping individuals lead healthier and more playful lives! We are staffed with a team of qualified professional counselors, a psychologist, and a full time administrative assistant for well-rounded therapeutic practice, to provide you with premier mental healthcare services.

Michael Chua is the first person that you will meet. He prefers to be called Chua. Chua is from the Philippines is fluent in Filipino and English. He is focused on providing exceptional administrative support for PlayfulLeigh Psyched's clinicians and patients. Please reach out by email, call, or text if you have any questions about our services at PlayfulLeigh Psyched.

Administrative Assistant

Chua (He/Him)

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