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Trauma Therapy and Parent Coaching for Infants, Toddlers, and Adults

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Parenting wasn’t supposed to be like this. 

Hitting. Kicking. Screaming. It’s a nightmare.


You had no idea that managing your child’s tantrums would be this difficult.


The toll on self-esteem, their performance in preschool, and the parent-child relationship are all devastating.

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Not knowing how to help your child is overwhelming.

Supporting a child’s needs is the foundation of caregiving. It’s your one main job as a parent. 


And other people make it look so easy. 


But, when you pair a screaming child with a caregiver who doesn’t know what to do, it leads to confusion, embarrassment, anger, and frustration.

You’re still processing pain from your past.

It’s not fair, but the problems you’re dealing with today are tied to what you experienced years ago.


You have trouble maintaining friendships, have difficulty concentrating, and feel generally unfulfilled.


Sleep is elusive, and feeling joy is a rarity. Fear seems to always cast a shadow. Adulthood was not supposed to be this isolating.

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Trying to fix the problem on your own has been unsuccessful.

Reading self-help books, talking to well-meaning family members, and scrolling for inspiring social media posts have been largely unhelpful.


You’ve gotten as much conflicting advice from Dr. Google and Professor Ted Talk as they have to give.


Nothing that you’ve tried seems to make any lasting difference.

Today ends being in the stuck place. 
Let an expert guide your healing journey.

You’re in the right place. 


Parent-child therapy and trauma therapy can help.

Being able to meet a child's needs and heal psychological wounds can have a lasting impact on emotional well-being, relationships, and overall health and wellness for all involved.

Hi, We are PlayfulLeigh Psyched.


We are a team of affirming therapists, deeply rooted in social justice and passionate about trauma-informed practices for Social and Emotional Wellness.


Our goal is to provide playful, highly specialized, individual, and family-centered therapy that is safe and expansive. 

We will work tirelessly to develop a road map that is specific to you, your culture, your needs, your values, and your dreams.

Together, we will help sift through the muck to arrive at solutions that help you heal from trauma, repair your relationships, and realize the life you want. 

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