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Teletherapy for children and adults. Understanding your mental health.
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Do you find your mind racing with worries and you don't know how to make them stop? Feeling sluggish and just plain over it? 

These are common symptoms of mental health concerns like anxiety and depression. We like to think of anxiety and depression as best friend cousins. They are closely related and often like to hangout together.

It can seem like you'll never feel better or like your old self again.  Getting through the day can be frustrating.

There's hope and there's help. You don't have to go through this  alone. Work with a skilled therapist to support you in your journey.

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You were expecting to be a little sleep deprived. You were also expecting or at least hoping for an instant connection with your

child. Perhaps that happened and then started to fade a little as their crying increased, or as your child's behaviors became impossible to manage. You are not alone whether you're concerned about postpartum

depression with or without medication, postpartum anxiety, infant crying, or how to handle young

child tantrums. For children ages birth to 5 year-old we have child thearpy and parent-child services to for you and your child.

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